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mentoring penrith creative spring

The Stop Drop Action (SDA) movement is at the heart of Creative Spring. It represents positive change within ourselves and our community. Helping to implement strong foundations, healthy alternatives, social wellbeing, employment readiness and community participation.


Work Experience

STOP: Negativity

DROP: Bad Habits

ACTION: Positivity

mentoring penrith creative spring

The movement also provides the Creative Spring’ family’ with a safe and supportive environment in which they can broaden their skills and gain work experience through assisting with facilitating programs.


• Communication Skills

• Customer Service

• Time Management

• Organisational Skills

• Teamwork

• Adaptability

• Responsibility

The Creative Spring Community hosts regular community events and fundraisers, helping to bring a supportive network of people together, raise awareness of the SDA movement and promote positivity. All revenue generated from events is reinvested back into the community; by the people, for the people. #STOPDROPACTION

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